Grow with Aqster

We are growing various project withing the internet world, which helps you in the real world.

Find the path from airport to city center

We are providing search engine which will help you to get from the airport you are landing at streight to the city center.

EET v Mobilu

"EET v Mobilu" helps Czech businesses and self employed to fulfill requirements of Czech Goverment in terms of evidence of sales.

Best views from hotels

We are looking for the best hotel rooms around the globe, which provides to you beautiful views over the city you are visiting.

Půjčky na internetu

"Půjčky na internetu" helps to find the most suitable and cheapest credit or loan in Czech Republic.

Rychlý lékař

Rychlý lékař allow You to find information about health care within Czech republic.
Rychlý lékař sale games for PC or Xbox with online delivery on Romanian market and other European Union countries.
Jocuri pentru PC si Xbox